Concerned about servicing your loans amidst COVID-19?


The best one I have seen so far "Can we please reboot 2020, this version has a virus". It really feels like a bad dream at the moment. Life has been turned upside down, but we will get through it and the sooner we all work together the better. This is a TEAM [...]

Concerned about servicing your loans amidst COVID-19?2020-03-26T19:42:31+10:00

Income Protection Insurance


Most people these days have enough stress already, with the economy and the price of housing going up. Income protection gives that little bit of extra peace of mind. It works when you can’t work Income Protection Insurance Income Protection Insurance (IPI) is insurance for your income.  The [...]

Income Protection Insurance2019-10-12T20:14:46+10:00

Fixed-rate loan


For those conscious of a budget and who want to take a medium-to-long term position on a fixed rate, they can protect themselves from the volatility of potential rate movement Fixed-Rate Loans With interest rates at an all-time low, taking the option of locking in an interest rate [...]

Fixed-rate loan2019-10-12T20:15:45+10:00

How offset accounts and redraw facilities can save you money


Most institutions only allow redraw from a variable-rate loan, or fixed-rate loan but with limited access How Offset Accounts and Redraw Facilities can Save you Money Offset accounts and redraw facilities work in similar ways; they both allow you to reduce the balance of your home loan, and [...]

How offset accounts and redraw facilities can save you money2019-10-12T20:16:36+10:00
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